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Jett Car Racer™ - Pink Jett Car Racer™ - Pink
Jett Car Racer™ - Pink
Jett Car Racer™ - Pink
Jett Car Racer™ - Pink
Jett Car Racer™ - Pink
Jett Car Racer™ - Pink

Best savings for Little Tikes Australia Jett Car Racer™ - Pink

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The Little Tikes Jett Car Racer, now also in pink, is built for thrilling, kid powered fun. They control the speed with the pedals they power, which means this is both fun and exercise in one. Easy turning handles let little hands make tight turns and the rear wheel steering provides unique maneuverability. Plus, the off-road style tires mean you can ride almost anywhere. And the adjustable seat back lets this cool, pink sport racer grow with your Tikes. Ready, Set, Race!

Details & Specs:

3 - 10 years
Sku: 660443
Product Size: 26.00''L x 39.00''W x 20.00''H --- Weight: 21.00lbs
Carton Size:  39.50''L x 13.75''W x 25.75''H --- Weight: 26.00lbs

Additional Notes:

    • KID POWERED FUN. Kid powered pedals let kids go as fast or slow as they want
    • RACING CONTROL. Easy turning handles let little hands make tight turns and have total control
    • EASY STEERING. Rear wheel steering with dual handles lets kids have unique maneuverability
    • GROWS WITH KID. Adjustable seat back lets the sport racer grow with your Tikes
    • RACE ANYWHERE. Rugged off-road style tires are great for all surfaces
    • MAX WEIGHT. Up to 200lbs
    • TWO COLORS TO CHOOSE.Available in Pink and Black
    • Assembly Required

Customer reviews

14 global ratings
5 out of 5
5 star 92%
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2 star 7%
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Top reviews

This is so cool!
Reviewed on 2021-11-17T03:25:38 | Verified Purchase

I bought this for my granddaughter for her 5th birthday. I love the sporty style of it!! It's good sized and pretty easy to pedal. She just got it so I'm not sure how durable it will be, but it seems pretty sturdy. The rear wheel steering is a bit challenging to get used to. My granddaughter is small for her age and she fits in it fine, but her cousin who is also 5 is too big for it. This was very frustrating to assemble, and several pieces didn't seem to fit correctly, things didn't line up right. We put it together in 2.5 hours to the best of our ability. It is one of her favorite birthday gifts!!

Fast, Safe, and Amazing!
Reviewed on 2021-11-17T03:25:38 | Verified Purchase

I bought this for my son who is 6, he was thrilled. It was his first peddle car with steering! He took off like he had been doing it for years. The steering is easy, it can go as fast as your child can peddle, my son goes very fast. He has not had any issues with it sliding or turning over like other cars. It was easy to assemble and it was great having my son place the stickers on.

Fun Times
Reviewed on 2021-11-17T03:25:38 | Verified Purchase

This is a huge hit so much fun and lots of laughs and tons of enjoyment out of this. I love how easy it was to put together no problem with it at all. I love the tires on this large enough to make it easy to go thru sand on the beach. I also like how it can easily be used on the cement too and it moves so nice and smooth. This is a very sturdy toy that will have many years of use out of it the best part about this its a universal color so a boy or a girl can use this toy. This is a adorable and very well made and a good quality toy and it can be used by many ages and sizes too. I’m extremely pleased with this and its well worth every penny because this is a toy that will last forever.

My son loves this car!
Reviewed on 2021-11-17T03:25:38 | Verified Purchase

I got the little tikes sports racer car for my sons birthday! It was a hit! All of the kids at the party took it for a ride. It’s pretty easy to put together. The directions were very easy to follow. It petals and starts very easy. My kids can be pretty rough on things, but this car is heavy duty! It can hold up to the toughest situations. I guarantee your child will love the little tikes sports racer as much as mine did! It’s very safe compared to others! You don’t have to worry about your child falling out! I highly recommend this car!! Parents, you won’t be disappointed.

Brings Back Memories, Super Cool! More advanced
Reviewed on 2021-11-17T03:25:38 | Verified Purchase

I was super excited to get this for my daughter. When I was younger my favorite toy was the big wheel. So old school with handles and the pedals on the outside of the rider. This sport rider is so much more advanced. It does take some time to assemble, but once that's completed it's game on. So worth the time and effort! It keeps my daughter entertained for hours! Since she is out of school all she wants to do is ride this racer. We recently had a slumber party, this was definitely a hit. The girls took turns riding, now they all want one!

Kids love it
Reviewed on 2021-11-17T03:25:38 | Verified Purchase

The Little Tikes Sport Racer is a plastic heavy duty solid made foot pedal car. My 3 yr old is able to climb in and reach the foot pedals very easy. With the dual control handles he is able to control the direction of where he wants it to go very easily. It has large over sized tires so he rides it on the grass with just using a little more foot power effort.. It was so easy to assemble

Great Outdoor Toy
Reviewed on 2021-11-17T03:25:38 | Verified Purchase

This Little Tikes Sport Racer is wonderful, It was easy to get out of the box and use, and is very durable from what I have seen so far. My girls both love it and are 5 and 7. They race it up and down our dirt drive with no problem, and they both are able to use it comfortably. It's the perfect outdoor toy and I love that this can be for a while before my kids outgrow it!

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